Deploying other entity types  Merging property files in EAServer JAR archives

Chapter 9: Importing and Exporting Application Components

Using EAServer configuration files in J2EE archives

You can embed XML configuration files in J2EE archives to configure EAServer properties that can not be specified by the standard deployment descriptor properties. “XML configuration files” describes the format of these files.

XML files for EAServer must be named sybase-easerver-config.xml and placed in the META-INF directory. Whenever you import a J2EE JAR, WAR, EAR, or RAR file with EAServer Manager, jagtool, or jagant, the importer looks for this file and applies the changes specified within it.

When you export a J2EE archive, an XML configuration file is created with entries to configure the entities defined within the archive, as follows:

To export an archive that does not contain an XML configuration file, deselect the “Export with EAServer XML Configuration File” option in the export wizard.

To create XML configuration files without exporting an archive, you can use the jagtool exportconfig command. See Chapter 12, “Using jagtool and jagant,” for details.

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