Deleting packages, Web applications, and applications  Creating and restoring versions

Chapter 10: Using Repository Versioning


The EAServer configuration repository stores configuration and implementation files for installed application entities such as components, Web applications, JSPs, and Java servlets. Repository versioning allows you to save numbered versions of an entity. Each version archive contains configuration properties and implementation files associated with the entity. For example, before undertaking a new development phase, you might save a new major version of your J2EE application.

You can save major versions and minor versions. Major versions are indicated by a new starting number in the version; for example, 1.3 moves to 2.0. Minor versions are indicated by an increment of the second number; for example, 1.3 moves to 1.4.

For most entity types, a major version includes configuration information and implementation files. A minor version includes only implementation files.

You can restore any saved version. Restore replaces the current configuration and implementation files with the saved version files.

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