Chapter 11: Runtime Monitoring  Using the Runtime Monitor

Chapter 11: Runtime Monitoring

Using the File Viewer

The File Viewer allows you to monitor log files in the server installation, that is, the installation directory of the server to which EAServer Manager is connected.

StepsUsing the File Viewer

  1. Double-click the server for which you want to view files.

  2. Highlight the Log File Viewer icon.

  3. Select File | File Viewer Display.

  4. The File Viewer appears. Use the tree view in the left side of the window to navigate the subdirectories of the server installation and select the log file to display.

    NoteIn the default configuration, server log files are created in the EAServer bin directory.

  5. Text from the selected file appears in the right side of the File Viewer. Use the following controls to configure the viewing parameters:

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