Using Java Secure Socket Extension classes  Initializing the SSL security service

Chapter 6: Using SSL in C++ Clients


A C++ client can use IIOP tunnelled within SSL (also called IIOPS) to establish a secure session with EAServer.

NoteFor more information about security, including issuing certificates, see Chapter 14, “Managing Keys and Certificates.”

To establish a secure session with EAServer, follow these steps:


What it does

Detailed explanation


Initialize the SSL security service as an ORB.

“Initializing the SSL security service”


Initialize the client ORB and create an ORB reference.

“ORB properties for secure sessions”


Use the ORB reference to create a Manager instance for the server.

“ORB properties for secure sessions”


Use the Session instance to create stub component instances. This step is the same regardless of whether the application uses SSL.

Chapter 15, “Creating CORBA C++ Clients,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide


Optionally, you can retrieve security information about the session.

“Retrieving session security information”

An example that illustrates all of these steps is in the sample/ClientSSL subdirectory of your EAServer installation.

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