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Chapter 6: Using SSL in C++ Clients

ORB properties for secure sessions

You must set the ORBqop property when initializing the client ORB in order to use one of the available security profile characteristics. The security profile characteristic lists the CipherSuites the client uses when negotiating an SSL connection. The client sends the list of CipherSuites that it uses to the server, and the server selects a cipher suite from that list. The server must choose the first cipher suite in the list that it can use.

In this example, the ORBqop property is specified as sybpks_strong (strong 128-bit encryption) and the ORBuserdata property is specified as myUserData. The CORBA::ORB_init method initializes the client ORB (orb2) with these properties.

// Now configure a specific ORB instance, 
// overriding the default Quality of // service. Might want to connect to a server
// only using 128bit encryption. Properties props(argc, argv); props.put("ORBqop", "sybpks_strong"); props.put("ORBuserData", myUserData); orb2 = CORBA::ORB_init(props.argc(),
      props.argv(), "");

You can also set these properties when initializing the client ORB:

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