Retrieving session security information  Chapter 7: Using SSL in PowerBuilder Clients

Chapter 6: Using SSL in C++ Clients

Creating an SSL callback component

An SSL callback component is a component that the client uses to execute callback methods. A callback method is a method that responds to SSL requests from EAServer. An SSL callback component resides on the client machine. To create an SSL callback, you must create a component DLL or shared library and deploy it on the client machine in a directory specified by the PATH environment variable. You can create the component in the same manner that you would create any other server-side component—using EAServer Manager and a C++ IDE.

You must specify the component DLL or shared library by using the setGlobalProperty method in the CtsSecurity::SSLServiceProvider interface to set the callbackImpl global property. For information, see “Set the quality of security services and global properties”.

Implementing callback methods

Although default implementations of the following callback methods are included with the EAServer client ORB, you can implement your own logic for these callback methods. To implement the default response for callback methods, code them to return the CORBA::NO_IMPLEMENT exception.

For more information about these callback methods, see the CtsSecurity::SSLCallback interface in the interface repository documentation. The interface repository documentation can be viewed in a Web browser by connecting to your server with this URL:


where yourhost is the EAServer’s host name and yourport is the HTTP port number.


The sample/ClientSSL subdirectory in your EAServer installation contains an example program that installs an SSL callback to interact with the user.

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