Chapter 8: Using SSL in ActiveX Clients  Establishing a secure session

Chapter 8: Using SSL in ActiveX Clients


SSL support in ActiveX clients is provided through the C++ client ORB. Therefore, a complete C++ client installation is required, including the %JAGUAR_CLIENT_ROOT%\DB directory that contains the client side security database, SSL support libraries, and the stand-alone Security Manager. The client installation must also be correctly configured to load the native EAServer client libraries when you run your application. See the EAServer Installation Guide for more information. Specifically, at runtime, the JAGUAR_CLIENT_ROOT variable must specify the full path to the EAServer client runtime installation directory, and the location of the EAServer client libraries must be in your system’s shared library or DLL search path.

WARNING! Make sure you select the C++ Runtime and SSL Runtime options when installing the EAServer client runtime. SSL support in ActiveX applications requires the files installed by these options.

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