Requirements  Using the SSLServiceProvider interface

Chapter 8: Using SSL in ActiveX Clients

Establishing a secure session

To create a secure session between your application and EAServer, you must configure SSL settings before using one of the standard techniques to instantiate proxies for EAServer components.

You can configure the settings required for SSL connections using two techniques:

Applications that run without user interaction typically configure SSL settings with the ORB properties. Interactive applications typically use the SSLServiceProvider interface and install a callback. When a callback is installed, you can rely on user interaction in the callback methods to configure necessary settings. For example, if the certificate password has not been supplied, the ORB invokes the getPin callback method.

If you have correctly configured the required SSL settings, then you can use any of the standard techniques to instantiate proxies as described in “Instantiating proxies using CORBA-style interfaces” in Chapter 20, “Creating ActiveX Clients,” of the EAServer Programmer’s Guide. Proxies are created in a secure session as long as you connect to a listener that supports the requested level of security.

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