Using a custom authorization service  Netegrity SiteMinder Integration

Chapter 10: Creating and Using Custom Security Components

Supporting external single sign-on providers

EAServer allows integration with external single sign-on authentication software such as Netegrity SiteMinder. EAServer includes custom security components to support Netegrity, and you can implement support for other services by implementing your own custom security components.

The API CtsSecurity::CallerPrincipalService allows you to implement a component that tells EAServer the effective user ID when authentication occurs outside of EAServer. For details on creating and installing a caller principal service, see the HTML reference documentation for this interface in file html/ir/CtsSecurity.html in your EAServer installation directory.

The server property specifies whether sign-on occurs externally. Set this property to true if you are using an external single-sign on provider.

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