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Chapter 15: Entrust PKI Integration


EAServer integrates an Entrust public-key infrastructure (PKI) that enables servers and clients to use Entrust IDs for client/server authentication. To assign an Entrust ID (Entrust profile) to an EAServer listener:

  1. Install and use Entrust/Entelligence software to manage Entrust keys and obtain an Entrust ID. See the Entrust documentation for more information.

  2. Use EAServer Manager to configure a security profile that specifies the Entrust ID you obtained in step 1. You can configure the security profile to accept either non-Entrust clients or only clients that supply an Entrust ID. See “Defining security profiles” for more information.

  3. Assign the security profile to a listener. See “Configuring listener properties” for more information.

In client applications, set the appropriate ORB properties to use Entrust IDs. This chapter describes server-side Entrust configuration. For client-side use of Entrust and non-Entrust certificates, see the following chapters:

The current version of EAServer does not use Entrust encryption operations other than SSL signing by the private key.

For more information about Entrust, see their Web site.

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