Chapter 2: Securing Component Access  Intercomponent authentication

Chapter 2: Securing Component Access

Client authentication

Users are authenticated when a client application creates a proxy or stub object (a connection is made when the application creates the first proxy or stub; other proxies or stubs may use the same connections or allocate new connections as needed).

Authentication options for base clients include:

EAServer provides a special user name, jagadmin, for the Jaguar Administrator login. Administrator authentication is performed independently of the authentication option you configure. By default, the “jagadmin” user name has no password.

NoteSet the administrator password for new servers Immediately after you create a new server, you must secure access to the server by defining the jagadmin password and configuring the authentication mechanism of your choice. See “Administration password and OS authentication” in the EAServer System Administration Guide for more information.

User installed authentication services You can install your own service component to authenticate clients for any EAServer. For example, if you require the client user name to match a remote database user name, you can code the component to retrieve the client user name and password and attempt to log in to the remote database. For more information, see Chapter 10, “Creating and Using Custom Security Components.”

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