Chapter 16: Tutorial: Using SSL  Tutorial requirements

Chapter 16: Tutorial: Using SSL

Overview of the security tutorial

You should be familiar with SSL concepts and terms before you run this tutorial. Refer to Chapter 1, “Security Concepts” for an overview of SSL concepts and Chapter 14, “Managing Keys and Certificates” to learn how to use EAServer Manager | Certificates folder, and the standalone Security Manager.

This tutorial has three phases:

  1. Setting up your browser – export a personal certificate signed by Jaguar’s test Certificate Authority (CA) certificate and import it in to a browser. You will use this certificate to authenticate yourself when you connect to EAServer listeners that require client authentication.

  2. Setting up EAServer – use EAServer Manager | Certificates folder and to:

  3. Running the SSL sample applet – connect to the HTML page that contains the applet from your browser on a secure HTTPS listener and run the sample applet.

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