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Chapter 16: Tutorial: Using SSL

Setting up EAServer

In this section, you will create a user certificate that is signed by the test CA and used for server authentication. You will assign this certificate to a security profile, and assign the security profile to a listener.

StepsCreating a user certificate from EAServer Manager | Certificates folder

  1. Highlight the CA Certificates folder.

  2. Select File | Generate User Test Certificate.

  3. Provide the information in the Generate User Test Certificate wizard as follows:

  4. Click Next. Provide your personal and site information as requested in the Certificate Request Information window. Refer to “User test certificate information” in Chapter 14, “Managing Keys and Certificates” for information on these fields.

  5. Click Finish. EAServer Manager | Certificates folder generates a user certificate that is signed by the test CA. To view the certificate, highlight the Users Certificates folder.

Creating and assigning a security profile to a listener

In this section, you will define a new security profile, which includes a security characteristic. The security characteristic determines characteristics of the client-EAServer connection, such as:

StepsCreating a security profile

  1. Double-click the EAServer Manager icon.

  2. Click the Security Profiles folder.

  3. Select File | New Security Profile.

  4. Enter user_test as the name of the security profile and click Create New Security Profile.

  5. Enter the information in the SSL tab of the Security Profile Properties window as follows:

  6. Click Save. EAServer Manager displays the new security profile.

You can now assign the user_test security profile to a listener.

See “Configuring security profiles” for more information.

Assign a security profile to a listener

A listener identifies EAServer ports that accepts connection requests from clients using the following protocols:

When you define a listener, you choose a port number, the protocol, and, for secure protocols IIOPS and HTTPS, assign a security profile.

StepsAssigning the test_profile security profile to a listener

  1. Double-click the EAServer Manager icon.

  2. Double-click the Servers folder.

  3. Double-click the Jaguar icon.

  4. Click the Listeners folder.

  5. Select File | New Listener.

  6. Enter https3 for the listener name and click Create New Listener.

  7. When you see the Listener info window, supply the following:

  8. Click Save.

  9. Restart EAServer:

    1. Highlight the server to which this listener belongs.

    2. Select File | Restart.

You now have a listener that accepts HTTPS connection requests at port 8083 (https://hostname:8083) and requires client and server authentication.

See “Configuring listeners” for more information.

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