Chapter 10: Using the Web Services Toolkit Samples  Using the WST development tool and features

Chapter 10: Using the Web Services Toolkit Samples

Samples in WST

WST includes sample Web services that guide you through using the WST development tool, deploying Web services, establishing security constraints, creating clients, and so on.

Samples on the Sybase Web site

You can find additional EAServer samples on the EAServer CodeXchange pages. The CodeXchange site allows Sybase users to share code samples and utilities for EAServer and other Sybase products.

Sample and tutorial location

WST is included as part of an EAServer installation, if you select the Web Services option. Samples and tutorials are installed in:

Each sample and tutorial contains its own subdirectory that contains a Readme.txt file that describes the sample and how to run it, and the files necessary to run the sample.

Creating the sample projects and installing the samples

Before running any of the samples described in “Using the WST development tool and features”, you need to create the projects and install the samples in the WST development tool environment. From the WST development tool:

  1. Select Sybase Web Services and click OK.

  2. Select Help | Welcome.

  3. Scroll down to “Sample Projects” and click the “here” link.

    The projects are created and populated with samples which you can see from the Package Explorer (Window | Show View | Package Explorer).

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