Introduction  Client-side migration

Appendix A: Migrating 4.x Web Services

Server-side migration

Migrating Web services on the server side requires you to:

  1. Verify that the skeletons are generated for all of the migrated 4.x components. If any of the skeletons are not available, use jagtool or EAServer Manager to generate them. See “Generating Stubs and Skeletons” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide.

  2. Run the wstool upgrade command. This ensures that all the 4.x Web services are migrated to 5.x Web services. See upgrade.

Let’s use the CanineShelter example to show how to perform the server-side migration:

  1. Once you have installed EAServer 5.x, the SoapDemo package is migrated from 4.x to 5.x.

  2. Verify the skeletons for the SoapDemo package are available, or generate the skeletons for the component using:

           jagtool gen_skels Package:SoapDemo
  3. Verify that the WSDL files, SoapSample.wsdl and SoapSampleImpl.wsdl are available in the directory %JAGUAR%\Webservices\work\wsdl.

  4. Run the wstool upgrade command to upgrade the Web services:

    wstool upgrade
  5. List the collections on the server:

    wstool list collections

    You should see “SoapSample” listed.

This completes the server-side migration.

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