Server-side migration   

Appendix A: Migrating 4.x Web Services

Client-side migration

If an existing 4.x client uses the Sybase soapproxy, you need to re-write the client. See Chapter 9, “Developing Web Service Clients.”

To migrate the CanineShelter client-side code, you must:

  1. Rewrite the client-side code. See Chapter 9, “Developing Web Service Clients.” When you are done, the new client should resemble the sample client that is located in the %JAGUAR%\samples\wst_samples\CanineShelter\client\src\com\Sybase\webservice\sample\soap\client directory.

  2. Run the sample. Follow the instructions located in the Readme.html file located in the %JAGUAR%\samples\wst_samples\CanineShelter directory.

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