Web services background and standards  Chapter 2: Using Sybase Web Services Toolkit—an Eclipse plug-in

Chapter 1: Overview of Web Services in EAServer

EAServer Web Services architecture

Sybase Web Services Toolkit consists of these components:

These technologies and tools are collectively referred to as the Web Services Toolkit (WST).

Installing Web services

Web Services is installed as part of a standard EAServer installation. If you customize your installation, you will notice that Web services support consists of:

Defining, deploying, and exposing Web services using WST

WST provides a number of options for defining a Web service, including:

Service styles

WST supports the following service styles:

Retrieving the Web service’s WSDL

To retrieve any WSDL file for a deployed Web service from a Web browser enter the URL of the WSDL in the form http://host:port/collectionName/services/service?wsdl. For example for the canine shelter sample, enter:


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