Introduction  UDDI administration

Chapter 6: Web Console—Registry Services

Using the Web console

This section describes how to connect to and navigate the Web services registry section of the Web console.

StepsConnecting to the Web console

To connect to the Web console, EAServer must be running.

  1. In your Web browser go to the Web console application located at , where hostname is the name of the host on which EAServer runs.

  2. Enter a user name and password and click Login to connect to the Web console. Use jagadmin as the user name. The default password for jagadmin is blank.

Navigating the console and managing resources

Navigate the Web console by selecting the desired option or folder in the left pane. UDDI administration functions and property sheets are located in the UDDI Registries folder within Web Services Registries, and include:

NoteFor all property sheets, the contents cannot be edited if they are properties of a node rooted in the Search hierarchy. If they are properties of a node rooted in the Publish hierarchy, they can be edited, unless they are keys, which can never be edited. Tables that can be edited include a Delete check box column and an Add button. Property sheet pages that can be edited display Apply and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the page.

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