Using the Web console  Searching and publishing to UDDI registries

Chapter 6: Web Console—Registry Services

UDDI administration

This section describes how to administer UDDI registries including, the private UDDI server from the Web console.

Registry profile information (URLs, user IDs, passwords, and so on) and the users allowed to access them are stored in a repository accessible by the Web console, along with the information necessary to publish a Web service to a registry.

NoteYou must install JDK 1.4 to run the UDDI server. A typical EAServer installation includes JDK 1.4 and installs the UDDI server.

UDDI registry profile administration

You can create, modify, or delete UDDI registry profiles for the private UDDI server on the machine to which you are connected, where you can publish business and service information.

StepsCreating a UDDI registry profile

  1. Right-click the Web Services Registry icon and select Create Registry Profile.

  2. Follow the wizard instructions to create the UDDI registry profile. See Table 6-1.

StepsConnecting to a UDDI registry profile

  1. Expand the Web Services Registry icon.

  2. Right-click the registry profile to which you want to connect and select Connect. The Web console attempts to connect to the registry with the information provided when it was created. See Table 6-1. If the Web console successfully connects to the registry, the Search and Publish folders display. If you want the profile to connect to the private UDDI registry server when you connect to the profile, click “Automatically connect to registry Server” checkbox available from the Connection Details window.

StepsDeleting or modifying a UDDI registry profile

  1. Expand the Web Services Registry icon.

  2. Right-click the registry profile you want to delete and select Delete.

Table 6-1: UDDI registry profile properties




Create UDDI registry profile

Registry name

The name of the registry you are creating or modifying.

Query URL

The location from which you query the UDDI. The default query URL for the private UDDI registry is .

Publish URL

To publish, you need both query and publish URLs. The default publish URL for the private UDDI registry is

User name

The user name used for accessing the UDDI site.


The password used in connection with the user name used to access the UDDI site.


Displays a summary of your selections. Click Finish to create the UDDI site, or click Back to change selections.

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