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Chapter 6: Advanced Topics

Directory structure of generated code

As shown in Figure 6-1, Message Bridge creates a directory tree in the Output Directory specified in the Generate dialog box.

Figure 6-1: Generate dialog box

In the case of an individual schema, the code generation process creates three subdirectories:

The docs directory is created only if you selected the Create Documentation option in the Generate dialog box. Within the docs directory, another subdirectory corresponding to the schema name is created. This contains the output of the JavaDoc command, including HTML and CSS files, as well as deeper subdirectories. The exact contents will depend on the schema for which documentation is being generated and the top-level package name that was supplied in the Generate dialog box.

The lib directory contains a .jar file whose name is the same as the schema name. This .jar file contains .class files which comprise the schema-specific portion of the Message Bridge runtime.

The schemas directory contains both a DTD and an XML Schema representation of the original schema, when importing a DTD.

Note that it is possible to repeat the process of selecting an individual schema and generating code, while reusing the previously-specified output directory. The result will be multiple .jar files in the lib directory, and multiple schema and DTD files in the schemas directory. Also, the docs directory will get a subdirectory for each such schema.

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