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Chapter 7: Using Message Bridge Samples

Sample directory content

The following table outlines the contents of a sample directory. It is specific to the "Elements with Character" sample directory, and its layout it is very similar to all the other sample directory layouts.

Table 7-2: Sample directory contents

Directory name

Contents description


The docs directory contains Javadoc of the generated source code.


The lib directory the client class file and also contains a jar file that contains the generated classes.


The schemas directory contains the generated DTD and XSD files that were produced along with the generated code. This directory only exists for samples based on DTD files, not XSD files.


This is the DTD that was used when generating classes.


This is the XML that was loaded by through the generated code.

This Java file is the source for the client. Each client binds the XML document to the generated Java classes and then gets the value, or values that were set during the binding. The original XML, the result of the binding, expected result of the binding, and a generated XML document are all displayed on the screen.


run files run the client against the generated code.

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