Chapter 3: Using the Message Bridge GUI  Message definitions

Chapter 3: Using the Message Bridge GUI

Schema groups

You can organize your projects by schema group. A schema group might contain different message definitions for the same schema, or message definitions for multiple schemas.

At start-up, Message Bridge checks to see if any schema groups have been created and saved in a previous session. If it finds none, Message Bridge opens the Default Group, which you can rename.

This section covers the following topics:

Adding a new schema group

StepsTo add a new schema group

  1. Go to File | New | Schema Group. The Schema Group Name dialog box opens.

  2. Enter a name for the new schema group. Click OK. The new schema group appears in the Definitions panel.

You can now add new message definitions to your schema group. See Message definitions for details.

Changing the name of a schema group

StepsTo change the name of an existing schema group

  1. In the Definitions panel, select the Schema Group name you want to change.

  2. Right-click the name. The Rename Object dialog box opens.

  3. Enter the new name and click OK. The new name appears in the Definitions panel.

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