EAServer Manager enhancements  IPV6 support

Chapter 3: New features in EAServer 5.1

Running components externally

In EAServer 4.x and 5.0, you can run stateless C++ components in a separate process with limited access to EAServer features such as connection caching and transaction control. Running a component externally protects the server process from application problems such as memory leaks or segmentation violations.

In EAServer 5.1, stateless components of any type can run externally, with full access to server-side features such as cached connections. When you mark a component to run externally, EAServer runs it in a separate server process. You can identify which external server runs the component, and assign groups of related components to run in the same external server. EAServer starts the external server when required, and restarts the server if it stops responding.

For more information on this feature, see “Running components externally” in Chapter 4, “Defining Components,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide.

NoteThe previous C++ external execution model is still supported for backward compatibility.

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