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Chapter 3: New features in EAServer 5.1

IPV6 support

EAServer 5.1 supports the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) on platforms that provide the underlying network support such as Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Solaris 2.8. Windows 2000 does not support IPV6. IPV6 support also requires JDK 1.4 or a later JDK version.

By default, the server supports IPV4 connections only. To start the server with support for IPV6, specify the -IPV6 and -jdk14 command-line options. With these options, the server will accept both IPV4 and IPV6 connections. For more information, see “IPV6 support” in Chapter 3, “Creating and Configuring Servers,” in the EAServer System Administration Guide.

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