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Chapter 3: New features in EAServer 5.1

The EASDefault Web application

In EAServer 5.1, all Web pages that are not part of a Web application are added automatically to the EASDefault Web application. You configure the properties for EASDefault the same as you do for other Web applications.

Initially, the context path for EASDefault is “/”, and the WEB-INF directory is created under $JAGUAR/html. When users access http://host:port/, EAServer invokes the welcome page of the Web application whose context path is “/”. Because the EASDefault welcome page is index.html and the context path is “/”, EAServer invokes $JAGUAR/html/index.html. To change this behavior, you can either:

To configure most server-level properties for servlets and JSPs, you use the Web Application Properties dialog box, instead of the Server Properties dialog box. For details, see Chapter 21, “Creating Web Applications,” and Chapter 22, “Creating Java Servlets,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide.

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