New features in version 4.2.2  New features in version 4.2

Chapter 5: New Features in EAServer Versions 4.2.3, 4.2.2, 4.2.1, and 4.2

New features in version 4.2.1

EAServer 4.2.1 supports these new features:

Web application form login enhancements

EAServer 4.2.1 adds support for direct form login, which allows you to access a Web application’s protected content directly, without requiring the user to visit the Web application’s form login page. For more information, see “Web application direct form login” in Chapter 3, “Using Web Application Security,” in the EAServer Security Administration and Programming Guide.

EJB pass-by-reference support

EAServer 4.2.1 adds support for the proprietary EJB pass-by-reference mechanism supported by some other J2EE vendors. For more information, see “Optimizing in-server EJB calls” in Chapter 3, “Component Tuning,” in the EAServer Performance and Tuning Guide. This feature is not intended for new development, which should use standard EJB 2.0 local interfaces.

Database set-proxy support for EJB CMP entity beans

EAServer 4.2.1 adds a new property for connection caches, to be set if the cache is used by an EJB CMP entity beans and the cache has set-proxy support enabled. The property specifies an alternate user name to set proxy to.

In an EJB CMP entity bean, the client user name is not available to set proxy to since the persistence engine runs as the system user. In this case, if a user name is specified with this property, the cache manager sets proxy to the specified user. Otherwise, it sets proxy to the cache’s User Name.

SSL connection troubleshooting enhancement

You can set the new security profile property If this property is set to true in an SSL listener’s security profile, the client’s IP address is logged when SSL connections cannot be established. The default is false.

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