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Chapter 7: New Features in EAServer 4.0

Java deployment enhancements

EAServer 4.0 provides greater control over application class loading and some Java-to-IDL and IDL-to-Java code generation optimizations.

New custom class loaders

EAServer 4.0 extends the custom class loader model with package, application, and server class loaders. This enhancement allows components and Web applications to share instances of common classes, while still supporting hot refresh of application classes. For more information, see Chapter 30, “Configuring Custom Java Class Lists,” in the EAServer Programmer’s Guide.

Deployment and code generation performance

EAServer 4.0 introduces Java-to-IDL and IDL-to-Java code generation optimizations. These optimizations can increase your productivity when you deploy Java based applications with complicated component class hierarchies and when you generate Java stubs for these applications.

The J2EE EAR importer, EJB JAR importer, and the Java code generator have been enhanced to allow you to specify a code generation strategy as described in the following table:

Generation strategy



Always generates Java or IDL types for every interface and type.


Compares IDL and Java timestamps to determine whether new versions must be generated. Java timestamps are maintained in a database in the EAServer repository.


Similar to Incremental, except that the check for changed types in each IDL module or Java package ends if the first comparison indicates no change.

For information on using these options when importing EAR or JAR files or when generating Java stubs, see the online help in EAServer Manager.

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