Java deployment enhancements   

Chapter 7: New Features in EAServer 4.0

Systems management enhancements

EAServer 4.0 provides automated tools for deployment, configuration, and installation, simplifications to the server and tool scripts, and consolidation of the run-time Java classes.

Server and EAServer Manager start-up scripts

The scripts to start EAServer Manager and the server have been simplified. For example, one script starts servers for all JDK versions. For more information, see the EAServer System Administration Guide.

Globally available connection caches

Connection caches are now available to all servers run from the same EAServer installation. You no longer need to install connection caches into a server to allow access from components on that server.

Java class file consolidation

EAServer’s runtime Java classes have been consolidated into these JAR files:

Automated installation and configuration tools

EAServer 4.0 includes tools to automate deployment, configuration, and installation. These features are useful if you are embedding EAServer in your own software installation.

For automated deployment and configuration, use these tools:

For more information, see Chapter 12, “Using jagtool and jagant,” in the EAServer System Administration Guide.

EAServer 4.0 also includes a script-driven installation utility that you can use to automate EAServer software installation. For more information, see the the EAServer Installation Guide.

Repository versioning

Repository versioning allows you to save implementation and configuration information for your EAServer applications. For more information on this feature, see Chapter 10, “Using Repository Versioning,” in the EAServer System Administration Guide.

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