Unicode datatype support  Upgrade to Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0.2 (ASA 9.0.2)

Chapter 1: New features in EAServer 5.3

Upgrade to Eclipse 3.0.1

EAServer 5.3 upgrades the current Eclipse plug-ins to support Eclipse 3.0.1. It provides the corresponding plug-ins using the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) tool.

This tool provides a number of views and editors that makes it easier to build and manage plug-ins for Eclipse. Using PDE, you can create your plug-in manifest file (plugin.xml), specify your plug-in runtime, and indicate other required plug-ins. It also handles the tasks of writing the changes to the right files.

The Eclipse SDK supports the Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) locals on Windows, GIMP toolkit (GTK) and Motif Window systems, the official Chinese character set (GB18030), German, and Japanese locales.

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